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A little about me.

Hi, I’m Joel. I’m an Australian guy, and i’ve been based in London  for 16 years. I’m a husband to my lovely Panamanian wife, Karina. I’ve played the drums in some pretty awesome places around the world, and do a lot of surfing when I’m back home. As a creative, i really appreciate the way things look, the way a photo makes you feel, and how an image can tell a greater story. I always love it when I can simply stare at an image, and let it tell me a story about the person, the place or the time. I have a background in social work, which really plays into my love of photography and capturing the joy, frailty and intimacy of people's lives. I began taking pictures in India many years ago, and this experience only awakened a passion for capturing people's stories and places in an honest way.

I’m always so honoured to be invited into someone’s world for a day. It blows me away that you get to meet the family, hear the stories, laugh and cry at the speeches and walk away with this wonderful connection to a bunch of people who were previously unknown to you. More importantly, you capture the central narrative, the story of  love and commitment between two people. If you are one of these folks who currently find yourself in one of these stories, and you like the way I capture the world, then I’d love to hear your ideas, and how I can bring them to life through a photograph. 

I’d love the opportunity to work with you.